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Taren Baker, Co-author of the Biosphere Series
Science Fiction Romance

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Taren Baker is the co-author of The Queen's World and The Dark World, in the exciting new Biosphere series.


 In the future, humans have created their own worlds, called "Biospheres".

From a ruined Earth, arose her many offspring. From death came life. Prophets have foretold the end of Mother Earth for millennia. Perhaps that is why the human race survived the loss of its home world: they had been expecting it for some time. When the land, sea and air of Earth grew too poisonous to support life, humans took to the stars to find other planets to inhabit. When those worlds also withered from poison and neglect, they built great ships and space stations to orbit the dead worlds they consumed. And when those vessels failed to maintain their orbits, and came crashing down onto those dead worlds, mankind began to once again search for fresh planets to conquer. But space travel was long and difficult; generations of humans would travel all their lives between the stars, never finding a single world capable of supporting life.

And so, they decided to build their own worlds. Yes, they possessed the technology. And it may have surprised the ancient scholars that to know that it was easier to engineer a world the size of a small moon—complete with its own atmosphere, climate, propulsion and gravity—than it was to safely solve the faster-than-light barrier. Humans created these marvels and called them “biospheres”.

By this time, mankind had splintered into many factions. Some factions built spheres and formed bright clusters of worlds that stayed together for mutual protection. Others traveled alone as lonely orbs in distant space. Some traveled in pairs called “binary-spheres”, in which two worlds extended their massive docking ports out into space to connect each other in permanent union. Those spheres are as two lustful lovers forever linked together to share both population and resources, without ever the need for a ship. Now the galaxy is dotted with countless biospheres, a lasting testament to the human capacity for survival. Unlike the Earth, the biosphere legacy will endure forever.

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Sci-fi Romance Done Right !


Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains wording and actions that some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content.


The Queen's World

Book 1 of the Biosphere Series

by Taren Baker and CC Jones 


The Dark World

by Taren Baker and CC Jones